The Best Tie and Tease Massage Experience In London

Our tie and tease session is another extra service that you can add to your massage

We offer the best tie and tease massage in London. The time spent together with your chosen Nuru Star will start with you being blind folded and tied up. 

The masseuse will then commence to stimulate all your other available senses using parts of her body as well as objects.

Being stripped of one of your main senses, eye sight, puts your other senses such as touch, smell, taste on higher alert.

The session is meant to be fun and a unique sensual therapy that is a little left field of other standard treatments. 

Our Nuru Stars are very qualified in this tie and tease adventure so you will be in very safe and naughty hands.

So get in touch with us today and let us tie you up and tease your naked body for maximum pleasure.

Sexy massage girls

Let these girls tease your body into another dimension of pleasure.

This session can also include a strip tease

Your masseuse can also give you a little sexy strip tease at the beginning of this session. Along with tie n tease this is one of the most sexiest ways to start off an erotic massage.

Let us tell you why…

To enjoy the ultimate relaxing massage it’s important to warm up the muscles before stimulation.

Seductive striptease is a great way to relax and unwind, and to let go of any inhibitions. The slow and sensual removal of clothes electrifies your erotic experience and heightens your pleasure.

Getting Naked

Striptease is a fun way to get naked in preparation for massage relaxation. It’s important to be open and receptive to the massage process if you want to benefit from the therapeutic touch.

Shedding your clothes, and letting go of everyday cares and concerns allows you to relax more deeply during the massage.

Striptease is an exhilarating experience for both the stripper and the voyeur.

As each item of clothing is slowly removed you experience a tingly sensation. Tantalising strip tease is stimulative fun that hints at the best that is yet to come.

How to stimulate the senses

Simply slow down the process of removing each item of clothing. Whilst maintaining seductive eye contact with your masseuse. Slowly unbutton or unzip your clothes, letting your fingertips linger over the fastenings and exposed skin.

The arousing display and appealing view of bare skin will leave your partner transfixed. The visual stimulation will cause a blood rush to warm up the muscles in preparation for your massage touch.

why you need to experience this session

3 reasons to try tie and tease massage

Try something new

It's a lot of fun.

Reduce Stress

Having this therapy is a great stress reliever. It will remove all the knots and tensions from your body.

Keep Young

Doing new things you've not done before is a great way to keep the mind young.

The Importance of seduction in massage

Our tie n tease massage in London is all about seduction. The art of seduction is the language of attraction and desire. The sensual form of communication requires mastery of a combination of crucial skills. 

We are erotic masseuses who understand the importance of seduction, and will expertly guide you into a world of pleasure.

Some tips on how to use the power of seduction

Women are attracted to a man who demonstrates natural confidence. Seduction involves confidently using your flirting skills in a discreet way.

The ability to maintain direct eye contact with a beautiful masseuse shows you how easy it can be to build rapport and a connection. Communicating via the eyes requires no speech but clearly gets your intention across.

To master seduction it’s important to be yourself. Your personality has to work to your advantage. Your personality, communication skills and flirting techniques all come together to enable you to be open and intimate with someone.

Build the expectation and excitement

Seduction is all about the excitement, anticipation and the letting go. To master the art of seduction you need to be aware of the natural ebb and flow. 

For successful seduction a woman needs to feel comfortable, and excited. This involves stimulation, arousal, escalation and gradually pushing things forward. This is the flow that is at the heart of tie n tease massage.

On the ebb is de-escalation and a pause in stimulation, the building of trust and the pulling back. Achieving a balance between the two allows the energy between two people to swing back and forth. This allows the excitement, anticipation and expectation to build and intensify.

As the seduction continues to proceed, you get closer to the culmination of physical intimacy. This is why tie n tease massage London style is the perfect thing to experience. This session will teach you many things about to pleasure both the human body and mind.

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