Try the best Tantric Lingam Massage London Has To Offer

Ride those tantric waves of ecstasy for the ultimate tantric massage in London

Our special sensual tantric lingam massage is performed either on a mat or a bed. Our ladies are fully qualified in tantric touch and will know exactly what to do with your body. They will caress and play with your most intimate areas of your body while gazing deeply into eyes.

As the sensual tension grows inside your body and mind, becoming more and more blissful with each carefully given touch. Guys this is an experience of a lifetime. Once you have tried a deep and intimate tantra session your life will never be the same again.

A whole new world of pleasure and enjoyment is about to open up. Welcome to the world of tantra. Read more to find out to expect from this session.

Sexy London masseuses

Just imagine the hands of these gorgeous ladies caressing your whole torso.

From Ancient India to modern day London

Many of you may have heard of tantric love making from the likes of music artists Sting. However, authentic tantric massage and love making finds it roots in India and was first recorded in history around 2,000 years ago. 

The massage evolved from the Hindu philosophy of tantra. The aim of tantra was to use physical acts to reach a higher state of being and connect your energy to the energy of the universe. These physical acts could include yoga, sex and of course massage.

This unique erotic therapy has now spread across the world – and it is not a surprise to anyone who has tried an authentic tantric massage in London. This session can send you to another universe and provide you with an orgasm that will probably not be matched elsewhere.

What to expect in the lingam session

The session will begin with the masseuse showing some deep breathing techniques. These techniques will come in very useful later in the session when you trying to hold back from cumming. 

After this introduction to breath control you be asked to lay on your front, and the masseuse will then give you a nice soothing deep tissue massage. This helps relax both your body and mind. She will massage your legs, bum, back and neck. 

You will then be asked to turn over, where the masseuse will start massaging the front of your body. You will find her hands very soothing, her touch will begin to get more sensual. 

Techniques such as moving her nails across your naked skin will be felt. At this stage you will already start to feel the endorphins being released in your brain. You will feel very mellow indeed.

The last 20 minutes can only be described as pure ecstasy

The masseuse will concentrate the last twenty minutes on your member which she will skilfully get erected using a variety of hand techniques. The feelings of erotic pleasure will grow ever stronger. This is when you need to take some deep breaths. The longer you can hold on the bigger the eventual release.

What happens next is very difficult to describe in words. It will feel like your body and mind have been catapulted to another universe of pleasure. Endorphins will grow larger in your brain and your body will start shaking.

The whole session is extremely enjoyable. You will not regret a single second especially when you get to experience the fabulous ending. This is tantric massage London style. It’s all about the peace and harmony with the universe.

If this sounds like your type of thing then give us a call today to arrange a booking. Incalls in our masseuses luxury apartments or mobile outcalls are both available.

The benefits of tantric massage for men
  • Boost your immune system
  • Relaxing to both the body and mind
  • Re-energize your body
  • Improving your love life
  • Improved mood

why you need to experience this session

Reasons to experience tantric massage in London

Energy Boost

Authentic tantra massage will boost your energy levels.

Feel Good

You will enjoy every second when waves of tantric energy are pulsating though your body.

Eye Gazing

When you are in the middle of an orgasmic explosion and the masseuse is looking deep into your eyes - this is a very special moment.

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