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Some information about this area

Tottenham Court Road is well known as a shopping street with a high proportion of consumer electronic shops selling computers, components and audio-visual systems. Travel north and you’ll come across furniture shops such as Heals and Habitat.

Having sold consumer electronics and radios since first selling the surplus supplies from World War II, the electronics on sale here have significantly decreased since 2009 due to the popularity of online shopping.

Located in central London, running between the famous shopping mecca, Oxford Street and the very cosmopolitan Euston Road, Tottenham Court Road is a primary road just over a kilometre in length with northbound-only running traffic. Alongside it, Gower Street caters to southbound traffic.

There are plans in place to change this road back to two-way to cater for the new Crossrail station that is currently being built, in addition to adding cycle lanes and improved pedestrian crossings. It should also be noted that the road is served by three London Underground stations in addition a number of bus routes.

At the south end of this road, you’ll find the British Museum and the tallest building in the West End, Centre Point.

Travel to the north of this road and you’ll find an open space known as Whitfield Gardens. The ‘Fitzrovia Mural’ is a painting that depicts people at work and leisure that was painted in 1980 in a similar style to Diego Rivera. Unfortunately, it has more recently been neglected and daubed with graffiti, but there are plans to restore it.