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Gently, slowly and erotically stimulating the male prostate

A prostate massage London style is where the masseuse will stimulate your prostate and anal area for maximum orgasmic pleasure. Sometimes this is done while also stroking your lingam.

This combination creates a very powerful wave or orgasmic energy that spreads across your entire body. Call our friendly receptionist to book your appointment with us today.

Sexy prostate massage girls

Just imagine the hands of these ladies caressing your whole torso. 

Please view the gallery for the up to date selection of ladies available for your erotic encounter.

Let us give you quick overview about this session and what you can expect

So what is the prostate?

It is a small gland located inside the rectum. It is very small, perhaps the size of a walnut, and can be found right between the bladder and the penis. This gland is responsible for secreting fluid that nourishes sperm.

Why massage the prostate?

This gland is also known as the male g-spot. When pressure is applied to this area of the body it can produce very nice feelings of joy inside the brain. According to many doctors and scientific studies, there are numerous health benefits to having your prostate massage too.

Some of these benefits include the following…

Painful Ejaculation – 

Many guys feel pain when they ejaculate. Massaging the prostate while near to ejaculating can help reduce that pain.

Erectile Dysfunction – 

Another problem that increasingly experienced by men. Whether this is to do with bad diets, genetics, old age or other reasons is unclear. Many guys who suffer from ED say prostate massage has greatly improved the strength of their erections.

Prostatitis – 

Before antibiotics was used to treat this problem, prostate massage was widely used.

Those benefits sound great I hear you ask, but are there any risks?

Yes every massage can carry risks if the therapist don’t know what they’re doing. Massing the prostate too aggressively can cause problems. It has to be massaged gently and softly.

We have been professionally trained in this massage so you will be a nice pair of safe (and sensual) hands. 

why you need to experience this session

Top 3 reasons to experience our prostate massage in London

Keep healthy

Clear all that dead unwanted sperm from your testicles

The brain

Generate a big release of endorphins in the brain naturally


Do something a little adventurous

What to expect in our London prostate massage session

The masseuse will relax your body first by giving you a deep tissue massage. She will massage your thighs and buttocks. This will make you feel relaxed and make the body more receptive. When you feel relaxed the anal area will also loosen.

The masseuse will gently start caressing and massage your scrotum and genitals. It can feel very pleasurable indeed when a masseuse gently massages around your anus area.

Then slowly and smoothly inserts her index finger deeper into your anus. The masseuse will press and caress your prostate.

At the same time as doing this she will also be erotically pressing her hand against your hard erect member. Working her hands up and down the shaft and tickling your balls.

After a while of doing this the sensations will grow and grow. Eventually this will build into a mind blowing body shaking event of a full blown orgasm.

Prostate massage in London is something you can add to your therapeutic session to really create a fantastic sensual encounter.

Massage For Adults Only

All our treatments are aimed at people who are seeking an adult massage in London. This session is certainly designed for adults.

We prefer to massage mature, well behaved and professional men who are fun. We like guys who are genuinely interested in a fantastic and unique massage experience. Guys who know that having a regular sensual massage will do wonders for their body and mind.

We expect all our clients to have a light heart and be relaxed through out their time with us. This will make the whole encounter enjoyable and will make sure you get the most out of your session.

If you have this kind of attitude you will most certainly enjoy prostate massage and will come back for more in the future. Our Prostate massage is famous across London. Many people have come to London for the sole purpose of seeing us.

This of course makes us very happy as we enjoy helping gents relax and recharge. We would probably say our prostate stimulation session is the next best treatment for guys to try.

Of course adding this stimulating therapy together with a nuru massage in London will rocket your brain and body to heaven on an orgasmic crescendo of pure bliss. So if you want to try something new and a little exotic come see us now.

You will not have experienced anything like what we offer. So all you need to do is take off your clothes, lay back and be treated like a prince. It’s time to experience a whole new level of joy.

Our incall locations

We currently have 12 locations where you can come to see us for a prostate massage in London. We can of course also come to your hotel room.

These are some of the areas of the city where you can find us…

A busy part of central London. If it gets a bit too busy you can come relax with us

This area is filled some fantastic bars and restaurants. And sexy masseuses.

We will softly massage your prostate and anus before you get on your travels.

Come see us after you have finished your work. Always make time to relax.

A funky part of London. We have a lovely apartment here.

One of the richest suburbs in London. A lovely place to enjoy a massage.