Ready for a slippery massage experience?

Everybody should try this massage

If you like your body to body massages with a bit of slippery fun added into the mix then you should definitely try our nuru massage. 

This therapy takes a while for any masseuse to master as there are certain moves and a rhythmic routine that must be followed to maximise the pleasure for the receiver. We are confident enough to say, although we are always learning, that we have mastered those skills.

Having an original Japanese nuru massage in London is something every man and woman must try, it is a sensual therapy that will have you buzzing with joy.

Sexy slippery massage girls

Just imagine the hands of these ladies caressing your whole torso

From Japan in the past to London 2023

Nuru massage was designed in Japan, and was used as way to navigate Japanese laws that banned the selling of sex.  Seeing that there was still a demand for an erotic relaxation, but knowing that any sexual activity was banned, adult workers in Japan’s big cities designed nuru massage as a way to solve this problem.

Since then this wonderful slippery therapy has become a phenomena around the world. Especially being made famous by the adult video industry who spread the nuru gospel across the internet.

The addition of nuru gel into an erotic massage session is the equivalent of eating a banana with whipped cream.  Yes a banana on its own is great but add some whipped cream and the whole experience of eating the banana goes to the next level of enjoyment. This is true of body to body massage too.

Adding the nuru gel causes the standard body to body massage session to become a whole lot more sexy, slippery and intimate, all the ingredients you need for a high quality erotic massage experience.

What is nuru gel made of?

The contents of this gel is made from seaweed, yes that’s right you heard it right… seaweed.

That stuff you find in abundance off the shores of any coast line. There are of course many different varieties of seaweed, the family of seaweed which produces the nuru gel is found in the sea line off the coast of Japan.

The gel is then extracted and purified to make the gel. This gel is then put in a tub which we buy, we then add water and the gel is then ready to be rubbed on a naked body, well two naked bodies in fact.

There is not actually much use for this gel in any other industry apart from as a massage gel or sexual lubricant. However, it does have many nutrients which are great for the skin.

The real pleasure of the gel of course is having a naked women slowly pour it onto your body and then proceeding to give you a very erotic body to body nuru massage.

Are you ready to try it?

If you want to try this erotic art form in London then you are spoilt for choice as there is a great selection of nuru masseuses in this city.

However if you want to experience a high quality Japanese nuru massage that follows the original design then you need to find a body to body masseuse who is capable of this.

We have been doing this slippery therapy for over five years now and are confident you will enjoy every single moment of it.