VIP massage in London

A VIP massage that will eventually lead to a full sexual encounter

It is sometimes called the VIP Session offers you the best full service massage London style. It is for guys who like to take their erotic pleasure to a new level of satisfaction. And believe us when we say you will feel very satisfied when your session has finished. Sounds interesting I hear you say.

So who is this massage for? This session is going to be suitable for guys who have had a busy week of activities and now want to relax with a beautiful female. Full service is for those who like to take their erotic pleasure levels up a notch or two.

It is also for those guys who like to have a sensual massage, leading to an erotic b2b massage that then leads to more things .

The main reason why people like having a full service massage is it because it crescendo’s into a much more dramatic and intense finale. It feels like a proper girlfriend experience.

Sensual full service massage girls

These fine sexy ladies will soothe your whole body until you explode in a combustion of joy. We all young, charming, and fully qualified deep tissue and tantra masseuses. We adore taking care of guys like you.

Let us tell you what happens in a full service massage session

The session will normally start off with the masseuse inviting you to take a shared shower with her. As you may expect, this is a lovely way to begin the whole experience. She will sponge down your whole body with fragrant organic shower gel. No part of your body will be missed.

Of course she will may ask you to shower her body. You will see the bubbles glide down her smooth skin. This is the perfect way to get both of you in the mood. Once the shower is over you will dry off in a towel and then head over to the bed.

Every full service massage London offers normally starts off with a deep tissue sports style massage. This is done to warm up your muscles and to help you relax. In the background chilled music will be playing, perhaps some incense will be burning. The light will be turned down low, the sexual atmosphere will be high.


Then things to start get a little more intimate

As the session progresses things will start to become even more sensual. The masseuse will use her erotic fingers to massage your legs, thighs, buttocks and back. You will be asked to turn over to your front. At this point her touch will become increasingly erotic. Her fingers will caress your nipples, stomach inner thighs – each touch getting closer to your most erogenous zones.

Eventually she will work her way to your testicles. Her fingers and arms brushing against your erect member. Your heart rate will start to pick up at this point. She will lean her naked body into yours, she will whisper into your ear. You will smell her intoxicating perfume. The masseuse will get on top of you and then push both of you into a world of pure bliss.

Welcome to heaven

Your brain will be filled with endorphins. Eventually the feelings will become too much to handle. Both your bodies and minds will fall gently from heaven into a soft cloud – you will experience orgasmic feelings that pulsate across your entire body.

So are you ready for the best full service massage London has available? If so, call us to book your orgasmic VIP session. There are not too many providers in London who offer this type of treatment. 

If you have any questions just phone us. Come have some fun with gorgeous and polite girls. We look forward to seeing you soon.

why you need to experience this session

3 reasons to try a full service massage in London

Get rid of any tension

Get rid of any sexual tension which has built up inside your body and mind.


Remove yourself form the constant hustle and bustle of London life for an hour. You will feel better for it.

Treat yourself

Maybe it is time to treat yourself to a bit of tender loving care in the company of a charming masseuse.

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