The Nuru Stars Experience

London’s premier nuru massage experts

The Authentic Japanese Style Body to Body Massage Experience

Having a nuru massage in London is an experience that has to be tried to fully understand why this erotic treatment is rated as one of the best sensual adventures you can receive.

The session will  start with the masseuse undressing you and then leading you into the shower. Using her hands and body she will wash you all over with some aromatic shower gel.

As the soapy bubble and water cover both your bodies she will gently arouse your senses. This part of the session feels great but is only the warm up for is about to come.

The masseuse will then lead you out of the shower and will get to lye down on a blow up mattress. She will then slowly and gently cover your body with the cool nuru gel, using both her hands and body.

She will use various body to body massage techniques to sensually slide up and down your body arousing both your body and mind. You will then turnover where the focus of the session will turn to your most intimate areas. Her touch will have you dizzy with excitement.

The session will then progress into a full lingam massage where the masseuse will make you have an explosive and extremely happy ending. A second shower will follow this which will make you feel refreshed and reinvigorated.

If you think you can handle this must sensory pleasure please choose your masseuse and then make a booking.