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Some information about this area

Although not a long nor particularly famous street, Warren Street has its own tube station. Running parallel to Euston Road and ending on Tottenham Court Road, it’s part of the artistic estate known as Fitzrovia that has wide streets and tall buildings.

Originally just 400 yards long, the road was first built in 1799 by architect Charles Fitzroy. It’s thought that several builders were involved in installed the three-storey terraces due to the differences in architectural style. Fitzroy then named Warren Street in honour of his wife, who was the daughter of Sir Peter Warren, a British naval officer and the founder of New York’s Greenwich Village.

Over the years, Warren Street became a popular place to reside for engravers and artists. However, in the 1880s it had an unflattering media mention when it came to light that Member of Parliament Sir Charles Dilke has an extra-marital affair in an apartment in the road.  The playwrite George Bernard Shaw is said to have named his play, ‘Mrs Warren’s Profession’ after this scandalous affair.

In later years, Warren Street became the place to buy a used car. Dealers were operating from showrooms all along the street, and many without showrooms parked the cars they had for sale on the street.

The area is now home to a variety of retailers and professional service providers. You’ll also find some small restaurants either on the street, or located nearby. Warren Street was closed to traffic in 2013 to prevent it from becoming a traffic rat run.