The correct and proper method to a prostate massage is where the masseuse will gently, slowly and erotically stimulate the male prostate. 

This gland, in some quarters, is also known as the male g-spot.

This can be added to any one of our massage sessions listed on this website.

It can feel very pleasurable indeed when a masseuse gently massages around your anus area and then slowly and smoothly inserts her index finger deeper into your anus.

At the same time as doing this she will also be erotically pressing and hand against your hard erect member, working her hands up and down the shaft and ticking your balls.

After a while of doing this the sensations will grow and grown and eventually build into a mind blowing body shaking event of a full blown orgasm.

Prostate massage in London is something you can add to your therapeutic session to really create a fantastic sensual encounter.