Erotic Massage In London Bridge

Experience what real sensual relaxation should be all about when you visit us for an incall massage session in our London Bridge studio.

Our place is just a short walk from the underground station. 

There have been a number of bridges spanning across the River Thames that have been named ‘London Bridge’. The current bridge was opened to traffic in 1974 and is built from concrete and steel.

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Information about this area

Prior to that there was a 19th century stone-arched bridge that superseded a medieval structure that was at least 600 years old. Before this there were a number of timber bridges, the first being built by the original pioneering Roman founders of London.

Located almost 100 ft upstream from previous instalments, the bridge was the only downstream crossing of the Thames prior to the opening of Putney Bridge in 1729. It’s played an important role in the history of the city and has been included in the ‘London Bridge is Falling Down’ nursery rhyme in addition to being referenced in art and literature.

In the London Bridge area, you can find eateries, cafes and a number of other attractions, such as the modern building known as the Shard. Offering outstanding views across London, the Shard is actually Western Europe’s tallest building and has three levels close to the top where you’ll be able to experience how wonderful these views really are.

Other local attractions include the frightening London Bridge Experience and the Old Operating Theatre, Museum and Herb Garret where early surgeons operated without anaesthetic.

Across the road from the London Bridge Station is the UK’s oldest food market, Borough Market. With over 70 stalls selling artisan bread, cakes, vegetables, cheese, fish and meat.

Whilst you are in the area, look out for the replica of The Golden Hinde galleon ship and also Southwark Cathedral.